10 Year Anniversary of Blog

Ten years ago, I was so concerned about housing prices in Bend that I Googled "Housing Prices" and "Bubble" and discovered that there were such things as "bubble blogs" and that there were several in Bend.

I read them for awhile, then made the joke that I was going to start my own and it would be titled "The Best Minimum Wage Job a Middle-aged Guy Ever Had" which was a joke I'd been using for years in my store when people asked "How are you doing?"

Then I went and did it.

I've never had trouble writing stuff. Hell, I restrain myself, mostly.

I wrote every day for the next nine years. EVERY day. It was only this  year that I finally let a few days go by without a posting. I probably still hit 95% of the days.

The nature of the blog has changed a lot over the years. First it was about the housing bubble, then it was about my business, and finally about my writing. With each change I shed a bunch of readers and picked up a few readers.

But this was always about self-expression more than anything. I'd been keeping business journals for years before I started the blog. The journals were probably a bit more candid, or at least there was a lot more bitching and moaning (believe it or not) because they were designed to relieve my need to tell everyone about everything. (Especially Linda, who'd hear me say the same thing a thousand times with small variations.)

But talking or writing this way is how I figure things out. On the tenth reiteration, something unexpected may happen, which sets me off in a whole new line of thinking.

A little obsessive and self-analytical, for sure. (You think?)

I still enjoy this, and people have been unexpectedly kind to me.

So I figure I'll just keep going.