Two week non-writing vacation.

Feels weird. But I'm going with it. I still want to finish Fires of Allah, but I had to break off twice in writing it before, and each time it's harder to get my head back into it. I want to be absolutely sure nothing will get in the way of finishing it.

I worry if I take too much time off, though, I'll get used to it. I might start liking it.

Meanwhile, at the store, I'm finding that I'm not in touch with what's happening as much as I'd liked. On the other hand, the store is doing great, Cameron is excelling as manager, and he and Matt are the faces of Pegasus and that's a good thing.

We are reaching subscription levels we haven't seen since the mid-nineties. We almost always have a big day on Wednesdays, which is when the new comics come out, and which is an indication of enthusiasm.

New books continue to do well, and I think as I continue to focus on them as my main job at the store they'll continue to do well.

In most ways, things are going extraordinarily well. Knock wood.

Here's the thing. I have several years worth of books finished.

Yes, several years. Finished, done, edited, covers. Ready to go. (There is some clean-up left to do, but that's just a matter of doing it.)

So what's the hurry?

There is no hurry, but I do have the concern that if I'm not compulsively obsessed with writing that I won't write at all. That there is no middle ground.

I guess I'm about to find out.