I'm almost finished with Tuskers IV. One last chapter and the epilogue. I have some chapter headings still to write. But the book is more or less finished.

It's coming in at close to 80,000 words, or 25% longer than the other Tuskers books. I hope that won't be a problem, but I'm trying to wrap up four books worth of characters and plotlines. I feel like I've accomplished that. It has a suitably big climax at the same time as concluding the story arcs of the characters. I hope.

Who knew this would be a 1000 page epic!  Really amazing.

After I'm done, I'm turning my attention to Fires of Allah. I've pretty much missed this fire season, which was my goal, so I'm no longer in a hurry.

I'm about 40,000 words into this book.

I've started research, and it's helping a great deal, but I want to do more research, make it as accurate as possible. What's weird is, just like rewriting, research really helps my books. I'm pretty good at picking out pertinent and interesting details. And yet, like rewriting, I don't really like doing it.

I like having done it.

I'm giving myself permission to slow down. Take my time. Fully flesh this book out. Work on the characters. This has the potential of being a good book. It has completely engaged my interest, which is always the true test.

I think, I hope, that whatever engages me will engage the reader.

Just trying to become a better writer, little by little.