I wrote a full chapter of "Tuskers IV," then went for my walk, and my mind drifted to "Snaked: Deep Sea Rising," and a chapter started coming to me, so rather than fighting it, I came home and wrote it.

And it was good. Actually, really good.

In the course of one week, I have worked on four different books. That's got to be a new record.

Last Saturday, I wrote a chapter of "Zombielander." Then over the next couple of days, I worked on "Fires of Allah," then I turned to "Tuskers IV," and today, I wrote on "Snaked."

Crazy. My brain hurts.

But while I do feel scattered, I also feel like I'm on the right path. I like the changes to "Snaked." The editor was right: the snakes needed to be highlighted in the last half of the book, instead of fading. It reminds me of how I went back and added a backstory to "Blood of the Succubus" which very much added quality to the book.

I like "Tuskers IV." Thematically, it just has a nice feel to it.

And I like the "Fires of Allah." I'm backing off hurrying it up, even if it means losing some of its timeliness. But it was timely last year, and it is timely this year, and it will no doubt be timely next year. I mean, I will finish it this summer, I'm pretty sure, but I'm going to take a few months to add research to it.

So why was I spending so much time on "Zombielander?" I have no intention of publishing it soon.  Why am I even considering going back to it?

There's a four book series there that I'm still fond of. I'm more and more inclined to start putting books out under a pen name, since I have more than enough books going out under my own name. So...these books will be written as best I can, but will have less push on my part.

The "Lander" series falls under this idea. 

I'll have two tracks I'll be working on, because I'm prolific (I work hard and spend an inordinate amount of time doing it...) and the books are piling up.