So the set up is finished, now for the story. Heh.

50,000 words done on Tuskers IV. I'm finally ready to wrap this up. Well, 3 chapters are probably going to be combination of set-up and moving toward the climax.

I'm jumping a couple years ahead, several generations of Tuskers. I really want to nail this last 15 to 20K words, so I'm not writing anything unless I'm really, really feeling it. Hopefully that's not setting me up for blocking, but these are probably the most important words I'll write in a four book series.

I'm kind of excited by it, and out of excitement comes the best writing. So there's that. I'm hoping for some surprises and some twists, though I have the basic architecture figured out, the theme I'm trying to play out.

It's kind of cool to have written a 250,000 word saga. Out of a tiny idea of pigs besieging a friend's house in Arizona.