In my mind, my writing 'career' (if I can use that word) is progressing nicely. My latest Virginia Reed book came out in May, my next Tusker book comes out in October. I'm currently writing the final Tuskers book.

I just finished a rewrite to my favorite book. I'm working to finish two other books I like quite a lot. I'm getting my longest book edited. I'm talking to Cameron about doing an audio version of I Live Among You.

I have four books finished with covers waiting to be self-published whenever I can fit them in the schedule. I have a number of books that need to be edited but can then be put out under my pen name, half of which have covers.

At some point, I'm going to release my  80's novels, Star Axe and Snowcastles/Icetowers.

I feel like I'm refining my writing process, that I'm getting a little better each time. I have plans for more Virginia Reed books, and have total faith that I'm going to have more ideas for more books whenever I'm ready.

Meanwhile, in the real world, my books aren't garnering a whole lot of reviews or sales at the moment. I'm doing absolutely no promoting. Zero. I don't even mention my books on social media, except in this blog, which is more about me keeping a diary than promoting.

So they are two different things. Always have been. The books themselves are what they are, and don't depend on sales or reviews to exist. So in that sense, my career is just fine. I'm making the progress that I should be making.

But more than that, I have a faith (perhaps a naive faith) that if I keep writing and I keep getting better, that something will happen. What that something is, I couldn't tell you. Just that I feel like I'm on the right track, that I'm living the creative life, and that I need to just keep on keeping on.