I wasn't sure what would happen when I picked up a book that was half done, and hadn't been looked at for months.

In the last few days, I've written two solid chapters. I have ideas for more.

All is right with the world.

So I pretty much have the next few months mapped out.

First I finish Fires of Allah. If I think it's good, and I get it edited, and I have a cover, I may even publish it late this summer. I don't want it to be an unseemly rush though.

Then I want to spend a week or two writing snake chapters for Snaked: Deep Sea Rising.  Bring the snakes back to the foreground and deal with them in a satisfying way. Hopefully, the publisher will like the changes and take the book on.

Then I'll start right in on Tuskers IV, with my worries about having it sit half done for a year pretty much dissipated. It's got a good thematic structure, and from that the plot should be accessible.

So like I said, all is right with the world. 3 good books to finish. Writing NEW material, and enjoying it. This is the kind of writing I like to do.