Rewrote Faerylander's first penultimate chapter yesterday, the one I was worried about.

I had to steal a scene from the second book, which I didn't want to do, but the book needs what the book needs. I can write a similar but different scene when the time comes.

There is one more penultimate chapter, which is one of the silly ones. That is, this chapter matches the tone of the early book where I'm making up Faery creatures willy nilly.

Hey, if the reader isn't along for the ride by now, I'm doomed anyway. The silly stuff, the little Faery creatures I make up, are baked into the book and just require a suspension of disbelief.

Then onto the final chapters, which can play out pretty much the way I originally wrote them, except I have a major character that comes in and helps Cobb against the Old God who has to be taken out. Cobb has to fight the Old God on his own--which is probably a better result anyway.

I should have a couple more days to go over it a couple more times, adding and subtracting from the various versions I've done. The whole thing should take about 10 days.

Hard work, but worth it if I come out with a readable book.

Basically, I've pulled the story in, keeping it lighter, more focused on the characters, without most of the apocalyptic stuff. That is, the danger in the book is to the specific characters, and only vaguely to the world at large.

The second book is darker, where the dangers becomes broader.

And the third book will be full out apocalyptic, which should be a satisfying story arc.

The second book has about 50K words already. I more or less have to write a few middle chapters, but it will be somewhat complicated. Hopefully another 10 days or so.

Then on to writing the third book, which might be kind fun. It will take three or four times longer than a rewrite and yet it will feel easier, I can almost guarantee.

The fourth and fifth books are written--all but the ending of Ghostlander--but I'll need to go through them and match the details from the three part Cthulhu versus Faery Wars.

This whole process just isn't much fun. I mean, there is a deep satisfaction to it, but not a joy.

But it has to be done.