I'm halfway through the rewrite of Faerylander and I think it's better in several ways. It's more consistent in tone, the characters are better developed, it has a cleaner plotline, the backstory has been completely thought out, and the writing is pretty polished.

It still moves more sideways than I like, with lots and lots of set up, which isn't the way I write now. I'm much more straight to the ending nowadays.

I can't judge how good it is at all. Just too many times through the meatgrinder.

But I will say this. It is immensely satisfying. Whether anyone else like it, I'm pretty happy with the way it is turning out, so that a good thing.

Don't know why this book is so important to me--it's not just that it is my first book when I returned to writing. Several of my early books have been put on the backburner. Truth is, it took a while to get back in the swing of things. I came at this from a "writerly" attitude instead of a "story-telling" attitude, and it shows. It took five rewriting sessions to get the story preeminent again.

But I think it is close to there.