I'll be spending the rest of this month rewriting Zombielander.

I think I've figured out a way to conclude the Faery versus Cthulhu storyline and at the same time leave it open to a third book later on. Which is a great solution. Leaves me with the ability to publish the four Lander books I have, and still be able to folow it with the fifth book if I want...or not.

Meanwhile, I never know for sure when I'm writing one book which book I'll want to write next, but I'm leaning toward doing my terrorists-setting-wildfires book, "Devil's Forge."

If nothing else, for timeliness sake. It's half written. Most of the plot has been set up. The only parts that still needs to be written are the action chapters, which are usually the easiest to write. The only real question is how much research to do. I've been clipping out articles about wildfires for about a year, and setting aside books.

The other thing I'm not sure about is do I research ahead of time-- thus using the research in the plot of the book? Or do I research after the plot has been laid down --thus using it to add verisimilitude? The latter is easier than the former, the former is probably more useful than the latter, but much harder to motivate myself to do.

I probably shouldn't say it, but I wing my plots. I feel them. I trust my subconscious. It's all about story.

Interestingly, I had drones as a major part of my plot, and since, I've learned that indeed, drones are being used in wildfires. I think I arrived at this on my own, but maybe I heard a mention of it, or maybe it was just logical.

Anyway, I'm either going to finish "Devil's Forge" or finish "Tuskers IV" both of which are already half written.