Woke up a few dozen times with ideas, ideas, ideas.

I mentioned yesterday that "I have too many freaking ideas!"

Which sounds pretty humblebrag. (I'm not saying they're Good ideas...)

Faerie Punk is packed with characters and locations and scenes and ideas. I passed 120K words yesterday without breaking a sweat. I still have the entire ending to write. So I figured, minimum, it's a 130K word book, which is a little too much. It's better nowadays to write less than 100K unless you're George R.R. Martin or Neal Stephenson or someone like that. You're asking for a lot of faith from the reader, and unless you've proved yourself, I think most will pass.

Anyway, I wondered about breaking it into a trilogy. I can easily reach the proper number of words (at least 150K) just by a proper fleshing out rewrite, but I couldn't think of any natural semi-climactic endings, which is also asking a lot of the reader.

So I decided last night to just finish it and put it out as an ebook in the size it is, and move on.

I woke up a few dozen times last night, each time with an idea of how to expand the book. In other words, my subconscious just nixed my conscious decision.

I woke up this morning and wrote down as many ideas as I could remember. So it isn't a question of having a long enough book to break up, but a question of how these scenes fit in and whether there is a natural breakup point.

I have to believe there is. Unless my subconscious is fucking with me. (More than possible.)

Maybe this will turn into an unwieldy mess, but I have to try. Spend another month writing and I end up with 3 books instead of one.

I have a nice motivational climax for the first book, a vaguely thematic ending to book two, so I now think it can be done.

Extensive rewriting, which I hate.

The RULE is: I can add or subtract, but I can't change. If I stick the RULE, then things will be all right.