Duck my head and keep writing.

I'll be done with the shorter version (if 130K words can be considered shorter) of Faerie Punk within a day or two. (Today is off the schedule because Toby is home and Dave is coming over and we're having a Mother's Day dinner, and then GoT's, Good Wife, etc. etc. T.V. night.)

I think I'm going to spend another week or so adding the extra chapters to the longer version (I'm guessing between 145 to 150K). Then sending it off to Lara.

I want to plunge immediately into Devil's Forge and finish it up within a month and a half. Since it is half finished, this should be relatively easy, especially since I have most of the plot figured. But I want to take some time to do research...before...I write more, so that will be a different approach.

Feeling pressure, which isn't pleasant and something I'd hoped to avoid in my writing. But the truth is, I can't just put my books out without pressure and expect anything to happen.

Or, put another way, I CAN put my books out without pressure and not expect anything to happen, and that may be all right.