Unexpectedly, writing my "epic" fantasy.

So "Fairy Punk" is more or less turning into an epic fantasy with a modern setting. Not at all what I expected when I first started writing. I'm now wondering if the either the title or the cover are in the best interest of the book. I'm afraid of promising something raucous and aggressive when in fact it is more of a big fantasy story.

I'm also afraid the rather aggressive cover (my idea and fault completely) may turn people away instead of inviting them in. I've tried hard to keep the "punk" element as part of the book, but it's not the most essential part of the book like I thought it would be.

Oh, well. Too late to change either the cover or the title now, really. I tell myself that if I write a good book it will be all right, as long as the reader is satisfied. I may be getting the usual "Surprising Good" reviews from the few people who buy it...

I'm at 96K words and my people have only now reached New York where the climax takes place. My guess is that this will come in at 110K words or more, which will be the largest book I've written. (Faerylander is currently 100K words, and at its peak was 120K words, but I intend to break it up into three stories with some additional writing.)

I'm being very measured in my pacing with Fairy Punk. Not trying to hurry it but also trying to write something every day. The walking in the woods thing is my savior. It seems like I don't have an idea in the world and then about one mile into the walk, the ideas start coming. I usually stop about halfway--at my "writing stump(s)"--and write them all down, then keep stopping every time I've accumulated enough ideas.

I've got a rough idea of the next 8 chapters or so, but I'm also trying to remain flexible.

Almost done though. Don't know what I have.

"I" like it though.