Connector thread.

I have two storylines going in Fairy Punk. There is the main storyline, which is basically a quest story where the "fellowship" is making their way east, and then there is the storyline on the east coast, foes and friends, waiting for them to arrive.

I reached a point in the story where I need to sew the two threads together. I need a connector thread.

The east coast storyline isn't as dynamic, so it needs to be pulled deeper into the story while the quest is still going on.

I'm enjoying the quest part. It has a kind of American Gods vibe in the sense that I'm looking for unusual locations and characters for the fellowship to meet along the way. The USA is full of interesting places, so that isn't all that hard. More a matter of choosing which weird to use.

So I've given my subconscious instructions, and I'll mull it over most of the day probably, and if I'm lucky, by the time I go for my walk, something will be rising to the surface.