On to the next book.

So I'm done done with The Darkness You Fear.

What do I do next?

I have a whole lot of options. I'm thinking I'll probably finish the first draft of the book I started a little while ago.

I have four books that I've written half of -- The Last Sombrero, Tuskers IV, and the Odyssey of Linger Longfellow, and Not by Water, But by Fire.

I want to break up Faerylander into three different books.

I'll let whatever grabs me grab me. Sometimes I'm surprised, sometimes it becomes very clear. I don't really want these half written books to sit there forever. My thought is that I write a new book, then work on an old book, then write a new book, and alternating from then on.

I also want to give Deep Sea Rising a full rewrite. I think it's my best book so far, actually. I went ahead and sent it somewhere without a rewrite, which might have been a mistake, but I'm going to need to start experimenting with the formula.

Sending stuff off without spending money on covers and editing is one of the things I think I need to try. I've got so much material done that I can afford to take chances.

Because in the end, if everything doesn't work, I can still just publish it myself. In fact, there is a large part of me that wants to do that, but it is undeniable that -- so far at least -- having publishers results in much higher sales.

But, if I think of it this way, it's a win win situation.