Full creative.

I need to go Full Creative.

From the start, I've realized that there are two different parts involved in getting a book out.

There is the actual writing of the book, which in my case is Full Creative. That is, I don't let anything get in the way of my ideas. No worries about whether anyone else will like it, or whether it is commercial. Just whatever story comes to me.

The second part is everything else. The editing, the covers, the submissions, the actual books. A big part of the second part of this process is scheduling. Trying not to step on a book that is coming out, trying to time it so that each of my publishers get material in a timely matter. Trying to fit the editing and rewriting process into that.

In most cases, these considerations pull me away from the Full Creative. I've got several books that are partly finished because of the necessity of getting things ready for the real world.

But I have "The Darkness You Fear" slotted in. (Not for sure until I get a contract, but it seems to be the way things are going.) And I have "Tuskers III" coming out in October.

So I've decided to turn my back on all the real-world considerations and turn Full Creative. Just write whatever I want to write when I want to write it. Without regard to schedules.

For one thing, I'd really like to finish the partial books. I like all of them. I feel bad that I left them. So I want to get those done.

And if new exciting ideas comes to me between projects, then I'll do them too.  I figure I have the rest of the year to do this. It will mean my books will start stockpiling as I finish them. I've already got 4 books completely finished. Covers being made, editing to be done on some, but the books themselves are finished. If I  finish the rest of my projects, there's every chance I'll have 10 or more books done by this time next year.

So here goes. Full Creative.  Write the story.

Books? What are those?