Winter Fest firepit contest.

Went to the Winter Fest last night. Yes, me...on a Friday night. My agoraphobia is in check these days, though I don't tend to push it.

Todd's firepit (Prometheus's Fire) was lit at 4:00 and Linda and I stuck around until 6:30 so we could see it in the dark. It looks wonderful, and I enjoyed standing around and saying, "My son did this."

There were about 20 more sculture/firepits on display and they were all pretty cool. Some were more flashy than others, some more conceptual. Todd's probably could have used a backdrop to show off the detailed filigree. Interesting, the kids all got it. They'd all go by and say, "Oh, look at the face!"

Strangely, as it got dark and it got harder to see the intricate ironwork, people tended to move closer to it and inspect it more, so a weakness became a strength. You just never know.

The contest is tonight. Any of these sculptures could win, I think. It just depends on the predilections of the judges, I think.

Very cool.