The Dreaded Rewrite IV: No More Excuses!

Still didn't do the rewrite yesterday. I added in all the writer's group criticisms, which took most of the afternoon. I fit in my walk, and while I was at it wrote a new chapter in the new book.

Then I had writer's group, so I threw in the towel.

I read the last three chapters of The Darkness You Fear, including the new epilogue, and they seemed to like it. Felt a little clunky to me so I'm going to pay particular attention to that.

No more excuses!

All this procrastination just means I have to do more pages a day. I started out thinking I'd do 20 pages a day, then 30, now I'm up to 40 pages or more. Which means, pretty much, a 12 hour day.

Linda is on a trip, so I'm just taping all our regular shows. So that frees up the evening for work.

No more excuses!