The Dreaded Rewrite II

I added a Foreword and an Epilogue to The Darkness You Fear.

I put in historical dates on all the entries, (this is MUCH harder than it sounds, especially if I want them to be somewhat accurate)  and I added some of the little tidbits of research I'd gathered.

All in all, I added about 3000 words, which makes it 80,000 words, which was my goal.


I'm going to start on page one and read it all the way through and make whatever little changes will improve the writing. Should take me a week.

Then I'll send it to Lara, and after she returns it, send it on to Books of the Dead.

While I'm doing this, I'm not writing on my new book, but I want to make sure that this new Virginia Reed book is up to standard.

I just have to take a deep breath and do it, no matter how intimidating. Rewriting always helps, and I think it's a good book already, so it will make it all that much better.