The Dreaded Rewrite -- Epilogue

This will be the last Dreaded Rewrite post.

I really struggled with the last 50 pages or so. A couple of times I almost gave up, almost said "Good Enough" and  sent it off to Lara for final edit. But I stuck with it, and slowly but surely turned the ocean liner around.

I now think it is substantially better than before. It was mostly the clunky writing that bothered me. Turns out, the best solution in many cases was to simply take it out. If it can't be easily rectified, and it isn't necessary, take it out. It often makes it read better anyway.

The ending needs to have some emotional catharsis, and that is very hard to pull off. Especially in the Dreaded Rewrite.

At any rate, I feel like I've cleaned it up and it is finally ready to go.