Making up shit.

I'm writing the last chapter of "Deep Sea Rising" today.

I love this book. I really do think it is my best so far. It came out fully formed and at the same surprised me. It stretched my abilities and yet was doable.

About the only thing wrong with it -- and I'm not sure that it is really a problem -- is that I made up an completely fictitious locale. It's set in Seattle, but I have this location where there are small islands you can reach with bridges just a few miles away on the shore of the Puget Sound.

So anyone who knows that area will probably think I'm a doofus.

But everywhere else in the country, they might believe it. (?) Hopefully?

Scientifically, it's unlikely that the Cascadia tsunami would affect Seattle. It is too far inland. But I've made up a scenario where the megaquake takes place right at the mouth of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and that the Juan de Fuca fault happens at the same time.

The Perfect Earthquake, if you will. 

I thought about trying to move locations, but even if I went to say, Island County, with Whidbey Island as the center, and used Everett, Washington as the the threatened city, I still made up a lot of shit.

So Seattle it is.

I do need to make a timeline. I'm probably going to make it happen on Labor Day weekend, start the timeline on Saturday morning, with the earthquake happening at sunset on the following Monday.

Other than that, the whole thing hangs together really well. I love the plot and the characters and the premise.

I think I pulled it off.