Found my ending.

I left the end of The Darkness You Fear kind of up in the air. I knew it needed an epilogue, but what I had seemed kind of tacked on, more of a prequel to the next book.

The other day, as I was on my walk, the solution popped into my head and it was amazingly pertinent and suitable. I mean, exactly what was needed.

So I wrote that chapter yesterday and now the book is truly complete.

I need to go through and insert the "dates" of the events. But as far as putting in all the research I've done, I'm sort of torn. I'm now at about 80K words, which is already bigger than the other two books in the series.

I'm OK with adding maybe 5K more, but that's not actually all that much, with all the material I have. So I just need to be choosy, make sure that the material helps the story and isn't just dressing it up.

Starting Friday, I'm going to bear down and do the rewrite so I can get it done. I've been procrastinating a little by writing a new book. Always more fun writing new stuff. But I'm proud of the Virginia Reed books and want to make sure the 3rd book in the series is worthy.

So work at it I will.