Dreaded Rewrite VI

After blowing through the rewrite of the first 75 pages of The Darkness You Fear, I thought -- "Hey, no sweat."

Hit page 80 and the problems began. I was confronted with a bad chapter. Just bad.

So it confirms that I should always do a rewrite. Period. There are always going to be parts that need more work. 

I completely rewrote the problem chapter. I've gone through only 25 pages so far. There is another chapter which I think needs to be expanded upon, especially since the epilogue gives it new importance.

Going for a walk to figure out what to do.

Will make another stab at it tonight. Try to get the full 75 pages I need to do. But now that I've actually started to mess with it, I'm tempted to go back and see if anything else needs more work.


Ended up doing 55 pages, which isn't bad. Wrote a couple short scenes that added to the story. I've now added 5000 words with half the book yet to do. I'm going to try to keep any more additions under 1000 words.

It just goes to show how important the rewrite is. I mean, I can always see the improvement. It just has to be done. I also need to remind myself that once I start doing it, it is never as hard as I think it's going to be.

I'm reading a S.F. novel, On The Steel Breeze, by Alastair Reynolds, and after a day of editing I really notice the writing. No ones perfect, heh.