The glamorous life of a writer.

11:00: Thought it might be interesting (zzzzzzzzzz) to do a timeline of a typical writing day.

11:15: Start thinking in the shower about what I want to accomplish. Choosing what chapter to write.

Getting dressed is my "go" signal.

11:45:   I'm sitting in my car getting ready to open the garage door and drive out to the Badlands. I've packed a tuna fish sandwich, some chocolate chip cookies, and lemonade.

This is what I know about the chapter I'm writing today. The cheating wife of the main character goes to the house of the billionaire, whose son has gone missing. He peels her off from her lover, and takes her to another part of the house and has his way with her. Then he humiliates and scorns her.

She leaves in a huff, dragging her lover with her, takes him to their usual motel.

There they will be when the tsunami hits.

That's what I know. The object of this writing trip is to fill in all the details. That's the challenge. How do I make the above broad strokes interesting?

12:10: I decide to try one of my secondary walking paths first, since it's Saturday and my main path is probably busy with people. Running into people interrupts the process.

This seems to be mostly a dog walking offshoot. Usually at least one car, but none today, so I'm grabbing it. If I walk more than a mile, I'm past the likelihood of running into anyone. There is about a mile of clear path, then a very steep and muddy climb, which I've not attempted yet. I'm going to do it today, by going beside the path and walking from grass clump to grass clump. Then I'll be on my own to write.

It's 43 degrees, wet on the ground, cloudy. Good walking weather, actually.

On the drive out, I confirm that I want to tell this chapter from Kristine's viewpoint. She's a very greedy woman, so she'll go on and on about how big the house is, and how richly appointed. That's about all I've come up with yet.

There is a drawbridge to the island, so I have her think: "Only a billionaire would have the Pacific Ocean as his moat." Heh.

Telling detail, #1. That's the sort of thing I'm looking for.

12:15: Heading out on my walk.

12:45: Have reached the base of the muddy hill, about a mile and a half in. Found a very nice writing spot, a flat rock and view, and I take out my laptop and sit down my still warm backpack.

I have thought of a number of "telling details" plus decided that the Kristine scene is only half the chapter, and that the second half is John Sanders, the Billionaire. To be written later in the walk.

1:15: Getting cold. It's the wind and the lack of sunshine. Wrote about 500 words. Going to continue my walk and warm up.

1:30: Another half mile. A very steep climb, so I took my time. I was thinking more about the climb than writing, but I'm going to try to write some. It's sprinkling a little. I keep meaning to bring a big plastic bag in case I ever get caught out in it.

1:45: Wrote another 500 words. I'm two miles into the walk, I can head back and get my usual four miles. But I've hit a flat spot so I think I'll walk a little further.

2:15: Walked another half mile. Past the "very steep hill" it is very pleasant. I think I want to go farther someday soon. Most people are probably stopped by the hill.

I'm back at the first writing station. Going to write some more.

2:30: Wrote another 500 words. Had intended to head back. The wind has been freezing. Then, miraculously, the sun came out and it feels great. Warm and energizing. So going to keep writing.

2:45: Heading back to the car. Have written 1500 words. Would like to write another 1000.

3:15: Back at the car. Going to warm up, eat lunch, and write some more.

3:45: Still need to write the last 1000 words. A big sex scene. Heh. Sex scenes are like action scenes, they seem relatively easy to write.

I write most of it right there.

I think the chapter works. Now I go home and read it to Linda and see what she thinks.

4:15: Home. Thought of a few more things to write. When I come in the house, I yell up to Linda. "Still writing!" and go into my room. Finish it up. Ended up being all Kristine, no Sanders.

5:00: Took a short nap, half on purpose (closing eyes, laying back, thinking.) Then read over story.
 Read story to Linda for her stamp of approval. She "liked" it.

Done writing for the day, except contacting Aaron about putting The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Murders up on Amazon on February 1, and making sure Lara has finished the edits, and doing some research on the best format.

Glamorous, no?