Semi-secret mainstream project. 100 Kickass pages.

I've more or less gotten the go ahead on my semi-secret mainstream project, which is either going to be a big thing or no thing at all.

But the idea seems to have some momentum, so I'm turning my attention to that. Virginia can wait a little, as much as I love her.

This project, which I prefer to keep vague, may very well be above my talent level, but I'm going to give it a try. We'll see.

The powers-that-be seem to think the premise I proposed is a good one. Now all I have do is write, in their words, "100 Kickass pages."

Sheesh. No problem. Easy.

Just "100 Kickass pages."

I'll just toss that off.

When I started writing, all I wanted is a fair hearing. So I'm about to get one, and if I can't deliver, it will be on my head. That will be all right. I'm probably a "niche" writer, and I'm comfortable with that, but I at least had to try to do this mainstreamy thing.