Doing taxes.

Basically, I'm always using the extension period. What I do is throw everything into a cardboard box all year long, set it aside in January, then a week before seeing my accountant, I lay everything out on a table and fill up a Dome type bookkeeping book. 

Pretty easy. No accounts receivable. Just money in and money out.

We'd certainly make more money if we both worked 5 days a week, but that's the cost of writing. Plus, I tell myself that I worked superhard for decades -- 60 hour weeks, probably.

Ironically, I think having Cameron in charge has actually helped sales, because he's much more up on the current comics than I ever was. Matt too. I had a lot of hobby horses that cost me money (art books, indies, cards, designer toys) and he doesn't have that handicap. Marvel sales -- the big kahuna -- are way up. I could never figure out what graphic novels to order from them.

Plus both guys are way better with the public than I would be if I was working 6 or 7 days a week. Working the hours I am now, I can remain cheerful.

So it really works out.  It only took 30 years to happen. Heh.