Being dragged into the writing business.

I'm really working hard at this folks, really hard. So much for it being a nice little hobby.

I never intended this to happen. Submitting proposals, writing books on demand, writing to meet the needs of the publishers.

But the doors open a little bit and I think, "I can't let that door close" and off I go.

In other words, I'm having just enough success to drag me in further.

Nearly done with the "100 Kickass pages" of my mainstream novel proposal. Going to give it a rewrite and a rough outline for the rest of the book, and probably a synopsis, then send it off and forget about it.

I submitted The Last Fedora to an editor I haven't dealt with before, and he rejected it because it wasn't the type of book they normally published. At the same time he told me he'd loved Tuskers and if I ever wrote another "creature" book he'd be interested. Turns out he'd written a positive review of Tuskers and I didn't even know it. So I perhaps have another publisher as a resource.

That's pretty much the hardest part, finding someone who's interested from the start, so that's pretty cool.

Amazingly, within a couple of hours I thought of a neat "creature" idea I could see myself writing, as well as a title I really like.

However, I have to finish my Virginia Reed book before I can do that. And possibly the mainstream novel after that, if anything comes of it.

I have several books done that I'm beginning to realize are neither fish nor fowl. I mean, I think they are good books, but they don't seem to fit any normal categories. I'm just sitting on them for now, to see if anything else happens.

If I establish myself enough with other books, then I can pop them out as self-published books and they have a chance of being noticed.

They are just as good as the books I've published, or may be publishing soon, but the "premises" of the books just don't seem to fit anyone's needs.

But that doesn't mean they might not fit some readers needs, I hope.