Deadfall RIdge

It’s a last-minute deer hunt at Bigfoot Ranch in Eastern Oregon. Wilderness guide Hart Davis reluctantly agrees to a booking: seven rough-looking men who don't look like they need any pointers on killing things. Little does Hart know that an innocent, long-ago favor—a package stashed away and forgotten—has become something worth killing for.
Alone, with only the clothes on his back, Hart must survive not only being hunted by ruthless mercenaries and the local authorities, but also the onset of winter in the Strawberry Mountains. He has only one advantage: he knows this wilderness like the back of his hand. Somehow, he has to survive long enough to get the message out—a message that could topple a government.



Within the Juan de Fuca fault, monsters stir.
A coastal town nestled just outside Seattle, Everett is a picture-perfect paradise, but the Indigenous myths tell of when the darkness came out of the ocean and killed everything, the world cleansed and begun anew.
An unusual specimen washed up on the shore has Professors Charlie Wice and Carol Wheatley buzzing with excitement, but what the ocean has spat out is far more dangerous than either could imagine.
As the darkness slithers closer, and the deaths start to mount, the residents of Everett and St Aloysius Island are locked in a battle against an enemy as implacable as they are numerous. As the earth shakes once again, another battle looms on the horizon – fast flowing and deadly.
Who will survive when the ocean bares its fangs?


Shadows over Summer House

On the run from a botched robbery, Stu plans one last heist.
There's a flood of illegal money flowing through the harbor offices of Gosport, New Jersey. Stu gets a job on the docks, waiting and watching. But the unexpected rears its head. He falls in love with Katie, the young owner of a ramshackle Victorian mansion. As he helps Katie renovate the huge old Painted Lady, he realizes both Katie and the mansion are filled with secrets. Despite himself, Stu finds himself settling in. He gets involved in the lives of his neighbors. As he becomes accepted by his fellow dockworkers, Stu begins to wonder if he can't make a go of civilian life.
But Stu's past soon catches up to him and he's forced to go through with the heist.
What he doesn't know is that Katie's past is also catching up, and is even more dangerous. She isn't what she appears, nor is the mansion, and as their pasts collide, Stu and Katie must try to survive together what neither could survive alone.

Blood of the Succubus cover2.jpg

Blood of the Succubus: The Manic Pixie Dream Girl Murders

When Doug goes hiking with Suzanne in the Cascades, he thinks he's lucked out. She's his dream girl. But that night in the tent, she turns into something else, something out of his nightmares.
The Succubus, Eisheth, has many names and shapes, but she's perfected the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, every young man's sexual fantasy. She has left a long trail of bodies behind her. Serena is one of the few mortals who sees through her beguiling persona, tracking the demoness, determined to stop her. She is joined by Doug's friends and finds that, in Cary, she is still capable of love. Rick helps guide them, the last of the Guardians, an ancient order who once guarded the Succubus but fell prey to their enchantment.
The Succubus calls on her sisters, the Daughters of Lilith, for help. Once they were Goddesses but into their peaceful valley came men who saw only their beauty and the power of their blood. Imprisoned for millennia, drained of their life giving blood, the Succubus have vowed vengeance upon men, preying on their sexual desires.
When these forces converge, love and sex converge in an explosion of violence, as the Succubus and humans confront their true natures.


Star Axe

Kenlahar, the scorned and outcast apprentice healer of the House of Lahar, was the reluctant heir to the ancient and powerful Star Axe. His possession of the Axe brought the black forces of Toraq, the evil sorcerer King, down upon himself and his homeland.
Kenlahar fled for his life and took a few companions with him, including Balor, his warrior friend, and Sanra, his beautiful woman. They set off toward the Kingdom of Kernback to seek the answer to the secret of the Star Axe, but Toraq and his skeletal horde were close behind.
Kenlahar's vows as a healer were never to shed the blood of another man, but when Toraq confronted Kenlahar and his companions, the fantastic power of the Star Axe was finally unleashed!


Snowcastles & Icetowers

Prince Greylock, the last surviving heir to the throne of the High Plateau, is banished from his frozen mountain homeland of Godshome by his uncle, the Tyrant. Determined to gain the kingdom that is rightfully his, Greylock descends into the dreaded Gateway to the Underworld, and the clammy caves of cursed demons, to gather allies and win back his inheritance. But his uncle's vicious steward, the evil magician Redfrock, will not rest until the bloodline is terminated with Greylock's death. Greylock meets and bonds with Moag, a traveling Fire-Wizard, and the lovely Mara. Together thy plunge into the mysterious Twilight Dells to escape Redfrock's pursuit. It is there, in the Dells, that Greylock discovers his true destiny and faces his greatest challenge!

After a long struggle, Greylock finally gained the throne of the newly discovered glacial kingdom of Godshome. To all who helped him, he gave gifts of the precious metal, glyden. But the Underworlders, headed by the crafty Mayor Tarleton and villainous Redfrock, were greedy for more. And the hidden tunnels of glyden, with their ancient hand-carved corridors, made Greylock the prized prey for other would-be conquerors. Greylock was haunted nightly by the demon voices of the Wyrrs, and was terrorized by assassination attempts. Faced with formidable enemies and the threat of an earthquake that could destroy the icetowers, Greylock undertakes a long and hazardous adventure to save his snow-covered realm!


Faerie Punk

A story of coming home to a place you never knew existed.
The genius half Elve, half Dwarve inventor Joseph Tindermaker has died, leaving his inheritance inside his unbreakable Vault, which only his true heir can open. Iggy Sinclair, a punk bounty hunter unaware of his heritage, is approached for what seems to be a straightforward job: find Carter Tindermaker, the missing son of the great inventor.
Meanwhile, Grendor, the evil Ancient One, who was banished by the humans’ One God ten thousand years ago, has returned. He has infested an artificial intelligence and is intent on taking over both mankind and Faerie. All of Faerie must choose sides.
On a journey from Oregon to New York City, Iggy discovers that Faerie and the Mortal Realms exist side by side, and encounters Pixies and Trolls and Ogres…oh my! It is up to Iggy, along with his Changeling sister Kerrie, the half-Elve lawyer Maggie Cleeve, and the Ogre Chuck to make their way across a magical America to stop the Ancient One.


I Live Among You

When the Devil comes a-calling, Grandy isn't surprised. He's a damned soul—or so he thinks. When the urge comes over him, he kills without pity or remorse.
But the Devil isn't after his soul. Not just yet. He hires Grandy to infiltrate a cult which is planning to open a Portal to another dimension.
The Old Gods await.
It's a jurisdictional issue. The Devil can't go where he isn't invited.
But Grandy can.


The Last Fedora

The Golem, was a legend—unstoppable, relentless, undying. He was always there, silent, menacing, and except in times of danger, unnoticed.
No one dared challenge the Pampas family, only betrayal from within could bring them down. Two brothers fight for the loyalty of Jacob Mann, but over the centuries, unnoticed by his masters, the Golem has been changing.
So it is someone completely unexpected who becomes the true inheritor of The Golem.
It is the honesty of Greg Pampas who gains the Golem's loyalty, the bravery of a young woman who earns his trust, and the love of a young boy who turns the Golem's stony heart to flesh and blood.


Gargoyle Dreams: A Gothic Love Story

Alone among the gargoyles and ghosts of the silent cathedral, Dominic remembers his name. For centuries he sleeps, gazing upon the city, unmoving. And then Mary passes beneath his perch and he awakes.
The cathedral itself is stirring to an ancient evil and Dominic must not only awake but break free of his curse to save Mary.
Love brings him to life, but it is his sacrifice that frees him at last.


Freedy Filkins: Cyber Burglar

Freedy Filkins lives in a comfortable cottage in the hillside. Along comes a mysterious stranger in a gray suit who invites him on an "adventure," telling the companions who show up on his doorstep that Freedy is an "international jewel thief." To his great surprise, Freedy goes along with the charade, and in the dangerous adventure that follows, finds love, fortune, and most of all, himself.


Small Business Survivalist Handbook: A Contrarian's Guide for Mom and Pops

When I started out I was given all kinds of advice about owning a small business. Most of it was wrong even when it was meant to inspire me—especially when it was meant to inspire me.
But reality has a way of imposing itself.
What I’m offering in this book is what I’ve learned from thirty-five years of mistakes, trial and error, and of listening to bullshit.
Business is hard but it doesn’t have to be impossible.
There are a lot of myths in small business and much of the common wisdom is flat wrong. The myths are perpetuated by the promotional/inspiration/advertising industry whose job really is to sell you on the idea of owning the business, not on the actual nuts and bolts of running a small business.
Most of all, this book is meant to steer you toward listening to your own experience and instincts.
To think for yourself.
To be skeptical of easy answers.
To look for the reality beneath all the mythology.
If I can save you from even one of my mistakes, then this book will be worth it.